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Progressive Utilization Theory
or PROUT is a socio-economic theory intended to create equitable opportunity for every human being to fully develop and constructively express their potentialities, while maintaining a sustainable harmony between the human society and the natural world.
PROUT: A New Paradigm of Development
PROUT is a new and comprehensive socioeconomic theory intended to create opportunity for every human being to fully develop and constructively express their physical, mental and spiritual potentials.

Current systems of development are unable to provide this opportunity. They cannot even ensure the peace, equity, sustainability, basic necessities, and social unity required for basic human existence. No amount of reform can change this, as their limitations stem from their fundamental values.

Rather than focus on criticizing the defects of the dominant paradigm of development, PROUT emphasizes a solution-oriented approach, based on an empowering vision that provides a constructive means to build a truly sustainable and abundant future.

Fundamental Social Objective
Based on a universal humanist outlook that values the welfare of all living beings, PROUT puts forward the fundamental social objective that all people must have reasonable opportunities individually and collectively to develop and progressively utilize their physical, mental and spiritual potentialities, while sustainably coexisting with the other living beings of the earth.

To give practical expression to this social objective, PROUT has proposed solution-oriented approaches and policies to guide development in social, economic, political and cultural spheres of life.

Conditions for Social Transformation
Many people recognize the need for a new paradigm of development, but cannot envision how the leviathan global economy, with its allied state power, can be replaced. While this undertaking seems daunting, the inevitable alternative to the continuation of greed-driven, unsustainable growth is collapse. Reforms that ameliorate the excesses of the global economy are not sufficient; they can only slow, but not stem, the tide. Deep solutions, based on new values and new approaches, are necessary.

PROUT offers a viable means for transitioning to a sustainable and life-promoting society, placing emphasis on giving people hope, vision, empowerment, and a solution-oriented approach.

Future Vision
While recognizing that humanity faces unprecedented problems, and that significant disruptions in social life are now upon us, PROUT holds a positive outlook on humanity's future. It sees the difficulties of the present forcing shifts of consciousness and creating conditions for the rapid emergence of a universal humanity, able to work together to develop the rich potentialities of the human species that have been long suppressed by an excessively materialist culture.

PROUT seeks to help open a path through the darkness of the present to this new stage of human existence and to provide a socio-economic paradigm in which humanity's emerging new consciousness and unity can take root in fertile soil and flourish. It seeks to open a cleared vista, without dogma-created impediments, to the comprehensive fulfillment of human potentialities.

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The Progressive Utilization Theory offers a comprehensive and synthetic social vision. Some significant components of this social vision are briefly summarized below.
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PROUT: A Comprehensive Socioeconomic Theory
PROUT is a comprehensive socioeconomic theory that deals with the full range of concerns relevant to a political philosophy, including social value base, theory of history, society and culture, political and economic systems, ecological philosophy, future vision, and methodology for change.
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A New Vision for Planetary Balance
The dominant political ideologies of the modern era have led the world into increasing disruption of the balance of planetary life. PROUT is a comprehensive political philosophy, grounded in spiritual humanism, that offers a progressive alternative to materialist ideologies. Its intent is to foster the holistic development of a liberated, unified society.
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Characteristics of PROUT
PROUT is a visionary philosophy that offers a new paradigm of development based on several distinctive characteristics. PROUT is not a reaction to social problems, but is a positive effort to envision and build a wholesome, viable and sustainable human society. It does not stem from a critique of current global realities, but starts from the needs of human beings to find holistic fulfillment.
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Fundamental Design Principles of PROUT
PROUT offers a new paradigm of development that is guided by fundamental design principles. These design principles are based on cardinal human values that call for a respect for all living beings and a concern for the welfare and development of all people. They serve to guide the development of a society in which all people would have equitable scope to develop and express their physical, mental, and spiritual potential, while maintaining balance between individual and collective interests, and while maintaining harmony with the rest of life on the planet.
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Praise for PROUT
Compiled below is a sampling of praise for PROUT (the Progressive Utilization Theory) and its propounder, P.R. Sarkar. These comments reflect the range of interests of those who have developed appreciation for PROUT. Economist Hazel Henderson emphasizes PROUT's contributions to an anti-globalization analysis. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lauds PROUT's emphasis on cooperatives. Liberation theologian Leonardo Boff appreciates PROUT's holistic vision of human liberation. Noam Chomsky values the equity and humanism of PROUT's economic vision.
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