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Winter 2016 Food Forest team takes off!

Eleven enthusiastic folks spend the afternoon planning the next steps toward a community food forest. Participants from the Fall class handed off their work to new team members that include landscape architects, an architectural student, planners, permaculturalists, neighbors and community activists. They created three teams: “Horticulture”, “City relations”, and “Community” and assigned themselves work to be accomplished and shared at the next meeting in two weeks.
A workshop on Mushroom Cultivation In Food Forests is planned for February 6 at Dharmalaya in Eugene.

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Signs of Economic Crisis?

First in a series on Economic Depression by Ronald Logan, PROUT Institute Executive Director

In my in-box yesterday was a forwarded article from The Common Sense Show newsletter reporting that the BDI (“Baltic Dry Index” — an index of the cost of shipping commodities by sea) had just dropped 3.1 percent to a record low, and concluding that, “To anyone who knows anything about economics, it is clear that this financial era is coming to an end.”

This came two days after another forwarded article, this one in the English paper, The Telegraph, titled “RBS Cries ‘Sell Everything’ as Deflationary Crisis Nears.” The substance of the article: The bank “RBS

[Royal Bank of Scotland] has advised clients to brace for a ‘cataclysmic year’ and a global deflationary crisis,” and that “Markets are flashing stress alerts akin to the turbulent months before the Lehman crisis in 2008.”

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Fall update from Denmark

Baeredygtig Bosaetning — Sustainable Settlement

A three member team of AndelsTanken , recently met with Hillerod municipality officials about AndelsTanken’s proposed Baeredygtig Bosaetning eco-village settlement plans and to work out with them an acceleration of approval procedures. In late November, a presentation on the project plans will be made to Hillerod’s main council assembly.

The Baeredygtig Bosaetning settlement will be comprised of up to 200 houses designed by Sirous Khosravi that feature innovative clay construction, as well as self-sufficient renewable energy, forest gardens, a communal house — among other progressive design features.

Learn more about the visionary design for this settlement from the the Baeredygtig Bosaetning Project Presentation.


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